GIT Corporate Social Responsibility

We understand our role at GIT as producer of goods that can potentially harm the environment. This is why we take corporate social responsibility so seriously. Our mission is 0 waste to landfill. We have policies on our approach to safeguarding the environment as well as laying out clearly for everyone the steps we take to do our part in making the world around us better for everyone.

Here you will find our Remanufacturing and Recycling Processes for you to look over. We hope you will find that it demonstrates our commitment to making the environment better.

The GIT 4 Step Recycling Process

At GIT we believe in promising that as little of what we produce should end up as waste and consigned to landfill, given that many of the components in print cartridges often take over a thousand years to fully biodegrade. To ensure that we keep this promise-at present GIT is able to recycle 97% of its materials-we continue to invest to help us achieve our goal of 100% recycling.
All our aluminium, plastic and cardboard is sent to local recycling companies, while our remaining hazardous waste is disposed of in accordance with the strict guidelines set down by Dubai Municipality.

Set out below is our recycling process so that you can see how we insist on the best possible environmental solutions in everything we do.

Cartridge Evaluation

All cartridges are examined, sorted and those that do not fit our exacting standards are marked out for recycling.

Cartridge Disassembly

Those cartridges that are not suitable for remanufacture have all of their components removed and sent on for recycling

Cartridges Part Assessment

Every part that is included in the cartridge case is sorted for either reuse in the remanufacturing process or for recycling.


The cartridge cases and other recyclable elements that do not pass muster are sent to plastic recycling companies and turned into raw plastic residue.