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The smaller and cheaper the printer, the higher the cost per page.

The difference can be up to 12x more cost when comparing the smallest to the biggest printer.

HP m880z

lowest cost per page
within all hp printers

Big printers are the right solution to save money!

World’s best
enterprise printer

HP M880z showcases state of the art
technical prowess and remarkable quality,
designed for professional environments.

46 IPM, A3/A4, Multifunction Printer
85 IPM Scan to E-Mail & Folder

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HP m880z

lowest cost per page
within all hp printers

Big printers are the right solution to save money!

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Your Journey Towards Sustainability

Without implementing our Green-Tech printing solutions, one printer would
leave a huge negative footprint on the environment over 5 years.

One page printed consumes 6g of co2

Hazardous Waste
to Landfill:

0 KG

Total Trees


CO2 Emissions

0 KG

We Plant 2 Pages, for Each Page Printed!

Each A4 copy paper produced emits 5 grams of CO2. We replenish each page with 2 pages planted. By choosing our sustainable printing solutions you directly contribute to saving the planet. Show the world that you are printing responsibly.

Together, We've Saved 5 Billion Pages!