Message from the CEO


A common goal among all our clients is to save money on printing. We are committed to delivering guaranteed 50% or more savings when printing on HP.

Unfortunately, we see a common practice among many decision makers to take a shortcut and compare toner prices and based on that they then choose too often inferior compatible toner cartridges. This results in deteriorating their printing experience, both in terms of quality of printout and reliability of machines. Users and IT departments get frustrated and are prevented from focusing on their work.

The right way to save money while printing on HP is to choose the right printer. Most clients are not aware of the hidden business strategy of HP. The smaller and cheaper the printer, the higher the cost per page. Comparing the smallest HP color printer with the largest one, the HP M880z, it would require 28 toner cartridges to print the same number of pages versus one set of toner cartridges on the HP M880z. The monetary difference to clients is in the tens of thousands of AED on a single printer over a period of five years, the average life span of a printer.

Once clients become aware, most would object moving to the large HP M880z due to its high cost of acquisition. This is where our offering comes in. We place our remanufactured HP M880z printers free of cost at customer sites. They only need to purchase the toner cartridges and can have the machine fully managed by us for five years.

If you wish to save money on printing the right way, please feel free to reach out to us. Our teams will help you to conduct a proper cost analysis and make an informed decision.

Very best regards

Dr Sassan Dieter Khatib-Shahidi
CEO & Founder, German Imaging Technologies