Event Solutions

GIT is highly experienced in offering unique solutions for meetings, events, and conferences; these are individually tailored to your precise requirements and are carried out with the usual precision and attention to detail that GIT is famous for.

Below are two case studies of events that GIT has recently carried out and received plaudits for.

Case Study 1: The Dubai International Film Festival, 2010 & 2011

GIT supplied and maintained all the printers that were onsite. We provided monochrome and colour toner cartridges, new printers where required and complete technical support throughout the event from the moment the doors were opened until the moment the last people went out of the door. Our onsite team immediately resolved all print-related issues to ensure the smooth functioning of the printers and cartridges. We were praised by the event organisers for the professional service and quality of products we offered everyone involved.

Case 2: Hourly Newsletter Printing at GITEX (Gulf International Technology Exhibition) in 2011 and 2012

GIT committed to printing a huge range of newsletters entitled ’60 minutes’ each and every hour of every day of the event. We supplied printers, consumables, our technical support team who dealt quickly and professionally with every single printing-related issue.

We received, edited, proofread, printed, folded, sorted and distributed each newsletter within the hour envelope. We easily managed to adhere strictly to this tight schedule for the whole of GITEX. In all, over 300,000 pages of text and graphics were successfully printed over a span of five days on our own machines using our cartridges and with our professional staff on site to run the project.