Who We Are

Welcome to GIT, the home of the only sustainable end-to-end document printing solutions provider in the Middle East and Africa.

Operating in Dubai, UAE, since 1999 and in Nairobi, Kenya, since 2016, German Imaging Technologies has helped its customers print over 4 billion pages.

When printing 1 page on a LaserJet printer, typically six grams of CO2 are emitted. Five grams are directly attributed to the production of the paper. While much effort goes into digitalization of communication and reduction of printed paper, in reality printing remains a need for very many reasons.

Hence, at GIT we enable sustainable printing by pledging:

          1.       Zero waste to landfill, and

          2.       Two pages planted for each page printed.

The elimination of waste is achieved by remanufacturing printers and print consumables (toner cartridges, drum units). Whatever cannot be reused gets directed into recycling, eliminating 100% any waste sent to landfill from the printers and toners that reach our facility.

We have so far been instrumental in planting 500,000 trees equitant to 5 billion printed pages, moving rapidly toward doubling the number of pages printed by our customers on our devices. 

When printing with GIT, unlike with any other company, you directly contribute to preserving our plant for our children and future generations to come.