German Imaging Technologies (GIT)

GIT was established in 1999 in Dubai with a belief to be a pioneer in the sustainable circular economy business and carry forward the German heritage of precision engineering and quality to Dubai.

Since there was no known sustainable market in the region, GIT sole mission was to fill this void in the market for the environmentally-friendly production of remanufactured printers and toner cartridges.

Living our core value “Client at Heart” is the foundation of our best-in-class customer service.

Incorporating more than two decades of client feedback, our remanufactured toner cartridges are the best in the imaging industry. Most importantly, our color toner cartridges which account 60% of our clients’ orders, have proven to be the region’s leader in terms of quality and performance.

Living our core value “Client at Heart” is the foundation of our best-in-class customer service. Continual investment in creating jobs, learning, development, and empowering our teams to create a sense of ownership across the organization to serve our clients better.

Print responsibly with


ECO for economical.

PLAN for Planet.




Instead of discarding over 200 kg of hazardous waste into landfill, we help extend the life of printers and copiers by 5 years. Delivering the same print experience, our refurbished printers and copiers can help clients save in excess of USD 3,000 per machine.
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1999 – Founded GIT Dubai
2001 - Introduced printer services and maintenance
2007 – Commenced Managed Print Services
2012 – Opened Abu Dhabi branch
2015 – Opened Sharjah Branch
2015 – Introduced Lion brand
2016 - Founded GIT East Africa Ltd in Nairobi, Kenya
2019 – Fully licensed to Recycling of Electronic Waste
2020 – Operated throughout global COVID-19
2021 – Exceeded exports to over 20 countries