Optimize Your Print Environment
Print With Peace of Mind

Whether you need a multi-function system that can print efficiently or software and maintenance services, GIT is at your service throughout Kenya. We can assist you in determining your printing requirements so you can select the best option for your company.

What we offer

AT GIT, we offer peace of mind. Our customer experience is like no other as we ensure to deliver the absolute best with proper follow-up and meticulous care. If you are looking to acquire a printer, maintain a printer, or even lease one, we have got your back.

Supply & Lease Printers

At GIT, we focus on HP printers with their toners. HP LaserJet printers are deemed the very best printers in the market with 51% of global market share and more than 70%-80% market share in the region. We encourage all our customers to look only at one printer, the HP M880z. It is the top-of-the-line enterprise printer of HP and beside extraordinary embedded functions, quality and reliability, it prints at the lowest cost per page within the HP family of printers. If you are looking not to spend so much money on an outright purchase then our Freemium offering comes with its own set of advantages, too! We’d be happy to walk you through these benefits.

Printer Maintenance

At GIT, our approach to maintaining printers is comprehensive. With preventative measures, we ensure that your printer lives a long, happy life, and with corrective maintenance, we ensure that your company’s operations are as seamless as can be. Rest assured, and “Always be printing with GIT. If we can’t fix it in 8 hours, you will be printing free on us”.

Impeccable Delivery Service

To end-users in the Kenya, we deliver the NEXT DAY in more than 98% of cases. Our swift delivery is unrivalled by anyone. Even through COVID imposed lockdowns, we were the only legally fully operational business in the Kenya!

Why Choose Us

We got you covered. Our business is covered by three promises and one guarantee, ensuring that you run your business smoothly and efficiently.

We guarantee

When we say, “Click print, and we take care of the rest,” we make sure to deliver quality like no other with individualized customer service support and satisfaction. To back up what we say, we have a simple and clear brand guarantee: “Always be printing with GIT. If we can’t fix it within 8 hours, you will be printing free on us”. How do we do that? If your printer/toner is down, for any reason, and you have no alternative to print on, we provide you with a standby printer free of cost, all within 8 hours, This way we ensure at all times business continuity for you.