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At GIT, our 100+ years of collective factory floor experience in printer toner cartridges in the India is what makes us pioneers in the field. We have served over 85 countries so far and counting! Our quality is unrivaled. Each cartridge produced by GIT undergoes this thorough examination in compliance with American National Standards Institute ANSI and certified by the International Imaging Technology Council ITC & STMC.
You have never seen vibrant colors as those of GIT Toner with a defect rate of less than 1% on color cartridges.

At GIT, we guarantee the following

Toner Cartridges Brands

We have hand-selected our partners to ensure that you receive unparalleled quality and utmost efficiency from each cartridge you purchase. Partnered brands include the following:
We only deal with the best!

“Probably the best replacement color cartridges in the world."

"Quality you can rely on."

"We put our money where our mouth is."

“Choose at your convenience the package that fits you the best."

"Our Exclusive Partner Brand"

"Experience the same unrivalled reliability for our large corporate clients"

Frequently Asked Questions

Between 15% and 25%

Your savings entirely depend on your consumption volumes and ordering patterns. If you order 1-2 cartridges at a time, your savings will be in the range of 15%-20%. If you are consuming and ordering higher volumes, your savings may go up to 20%-25% versus the prevailing OEM market rates. It is however, not uncommon for very large consumers on an enterprise or government level to save even more. We would be delighted to let you know what you could save if you can provide us with your consumption figures.

The cartridge price is however not the only way you can save with GIT. You can also save money on the maintenance of your equipment if you opt for our services (for more information please look under ‘Service’). Additionally you can save on cost by saving time. If your printer, the service and the consumables are all provided by one supplier, you save considerable time, effort and cost compared to what you would spend in sourcing different partners for different tasks.

Reduce; reuse; recycle – using our cartridges helps you do all three.

Using GIT toner cartridges also helps protect the environment by keeping toxic substances out of landfills and conserving natural resources. Please refer to the website’s section on Sustainability and Environment for more information.

For details on how much you can improve your carbon footprint look here: UKCRA – UK Cartridge Remanufacturers’ Association: Carbon and Ecodesign of Toner Cartridges Study

European Commission: EMAS Study, ‘75% of cartridges consumed are remanufactured’ (Page 31)

Remanufacturing is a viable alternative to OEM cartridges.

There are many definitions as to what constitutes a remanufactured cartridge versus an OEM; new built compatible cartridges (clones); counterfeits, and refilled products. The most precise definition is that a remanufactured catridge is something that has been re-assembled for use ‘as new’ by adding at least one or more new components.

The focus is on the process of re-assembly. If there is no re-assembly, a cartridge cannot be considered remanufactured. Reassembled can be defined as meaning ‘To fit or join the parts of (something) together again’, or simply, ‘assembled again’. The emphasis here, is on ‘again’, which means the entire cartridge should have been taken apart and fitted or joined together again. In this event, a product is deemed ‘reassembled’. Any other process cannot be deemed to reassemble a cartridge, which by definition typically eliminates clones, counterfeits, and refill operations, whether inkjet or toner cartridges

A Premium Cartridge (GIT) allows you to have peace of mind knowing that the best workmanship as well as components and materials in the aftermarket have been used.

As stated above, remanufacturing requires that at least one or more new components should have been added. The difference between a premium, a standard and a low quality remanufactured product lies in three distinct areas:

1. The number of new components added to a cartridge
2. The quality of components added to a cartridge
3. The process of remanufacturing
Point 1 is almost self explanatory. A cartridge is made out of many components, most significantly a drum toner combination that determines print quality and reliability. In addition, chip, and primary charge and magnetic rollers are other key qualitative components. In a premium remanufactured product, at least the toner, drum, and chip must have been replaced with new components. In lower standard products drums may have not been replaced and instead the old OEM drum is used again.

The quality of these components is of course instrumental to the print quality, most notably the toner/drum combination. Remanufacturers have the choice between high-quality dedicated toners-which means the toner is designed specifically for each and every model in order to deliver ideal performance-low quality dedicated toners, and generic toners. The generic toner is made to fit many cartridge models, thus reducing optimum performance. As a result, just like lower grade dedicated toners, it may provide a consumer either with a higher print density, but in turn may suffer from lower efficiency, or very low density. In the latter case, the customer may feel printouts are too light. In the first case, printouts will be dark, but in turn the number of pages printed will be lower. In addition, lower efficiency may directly results in excessive toner dust accumulation, wastebin overfilling, leakage and other mid-life cycle failures.

At GIT, we use only the very best available dedicated material from global leaders of the supplies industry. Our R&D people develop the very best possible remanufactured products while not having to factor in the cost of material in product development.

They develop new high-potential products following market research on printer/cartridge releases by original brands.
They design a new compatible printer cartridge solution which will guarantee the end user optimum performance and the highest print quality, similar to that of the OEM.
They carry out in-depth analysis of all the technical performances of the original cartridges. Performances which become benchmarks for the development of GT premium compatible products.
They evaluate all the cartridge components and find the best component and combination. This allows us to provide a print quality similar to that of the new original cartridge. R&D designs and tests in accordance with STMC guidelines on multiple combinations in order to achieve an optimised component formulation.
They support production with optimisation of the industrialisation process, throughout the life of the product.
They anticipate and respond to necessary product modifications required during the course of its life.
They guarantee the final print quality by supporting all quality teams associated with each stage of production.
They ensure that each and every product is tested at multiple stages for quality, reliability, and package integrity.
They conduct relevant product training by ensuring that production staff is continually trained and reviewed against specific performance parameters

No, not necessarily.

For very small businesses and home users-for whom the sole objective is savings, who do not care much about the print quality, and can afford the time to take their empty cartridges to a shop and have them refilled-refilling is a viable option and deserves its own right of existence. It serves a valid market segment but is not fit for use in business environment whether judged by quality standards, product range, or availability.