The GIT Returns Policy

At GIT we are always keen to make everything easier for you, our customers, to do business with us and to help your business grow as it should. A vital part of this is making sure that in the unlikely event that something is wrong with our products or services, you have made a wrong purchase, or are unhappy for whatever reason; we solve your issues quickly, efficiently and to your total satisfaction.
It is with this spirit of cooperation that we have framed our Returns Policy. We hope that you never need to use it-we are, after all, rightly proud of the exceptional quality of the products and services we supply-but if you do, please read the terms and conditions set out below, and we will do everything in our power to ensure your total satisfaction.
GIT operates its Returns Policy under the following terms and conditions:
1. Every GIT customer contract and invoice reflects our General Terms and Conditions of Sale. What this means is that once we have sold you goods we are not obliged by law or contract to take them back.
GIT, however, has built its reputation on customer service and goodwill, and so you may return goods under the following circumstances:
2. If you are able to meet either of the conditions mentioned above, we will take back our goods under the following conditions:
3. If you return any goods to GIT, they must be in their original packaging and undamaged. There will be an extra fee of twenty-five percent (25%)* added to the restocking fees mentioned above if any of the following is the case:
This fee will not apply to items that are older than three hundred and sixty (360) days old. In this case we will still dispose of the items free of charge.
4. Please note that GIT does not refund any amount for return of your goods in cash or any other form of remittance: without exception. When you return items to us, the total value of your order, after the calculation of any re-stocking or other fees, will be credited to your GIT company account. This credit that you have accrued, may only be used against the future purchase of ‘GT’ branded goods and services
5. In the case you have accrued credit for your GIT account, you will only be able to access this credit when you make new purchases of GT branded products that exceed one hundred percent (100%) of the value of this credit. For example, if you have a credit of 10,000 (in your currency), you must make new purchases that equal or exceed 20,000.

You may accrue as much credit as you wish, but please remember that once you add new credit to existing credit, the hundred percent (100%) rule applies to the total credit you have with GIT. This means that if you have existing credit of 10,000 and you add a further 5,000, for example to this, your purchases must equal or exceed one hundred percent (100%) of the total of 15,000. You must therefore make purchases of GT branded products of at least 30,000.