Request Free Trial

We can go on about the superior quality of our premium GT range of toner cartridges; extolling their virtues and praising them to the heavens, but we do not have to do that, as you, our valued customers already appreciate. Our products speak for themselves. You have tried our products and found them to be the best quality and value-for-money around. This is why you are an established GIT customer.

As an added-value service to you, we offer you the freedom to choose new products on a trial basis: no risk; no cost.

All you need to do is to fill the trial request form on this page and submit it completed to us. And if you are a customer who is currently ordering in excess of AED 5,000 per month from us, we are more than happy to supply you with trial cartridges to test out on machines you do not currently operate with GIT products.
If you currently spend between AED 5-10,000, you may apply for a trial where we offer one monochrome cartridge. If you spend over AED 10,000, you may apply for a trial where we offer both a monochrome and a colour cartridge for your use.

Once your status as a GIT customer has been verified, your free trial cartridge(s) will be personally delivered to your door and installed by qualified GT technicians. The technician will ensure that your machine is fit for purpose and does not need maintenance and that the cartridge is correctly installed.

Free Trial Cartridges will be collected 14 days following the date of installation, whether they have been fully used or not.

The only condition we set for the use of our trial cartridges is that you provide written feedback of trial with your opinions of the product on the form that will be supplied by our technician.