GIT Remanufacturing Process

At GIT we take the whole process of quality to heart. This means from the moment you place your order, through the whole process of remanufacture, up to the final delivery of your GT branded premium products, you are assured of premium quality and premium service. When we deal with you, we promise it will be in the most professional way possible, and we ensure that your every expectation is met.

GIT invests significantly in the replacement parts that go into our remanufactured products. By using selected suppliers who understand GIT’s need for quality, and individually checking each item we ensure that the printer drum, primary charge roller and everything that goes into our cartridges–even the toner–matches the international quality standards we employ long before the production process ever begins.
Anything that is not used in the remanufacture of GT premium cartridges is sent for recycling. This may include anything from inferior or damaged parts through to the containers in which they arrived. GIT takes the remaining used cartridges and then begins the assessment process to ensure that only perfect cartridge bodies are included. Any cartridge that does not fit these strict criteria is immediately sent for grinding and recycling.
Using a procedure unique to GIT, we take every cartridge is disassembled, all parts removed, hoppers, precision split and then quickly and thoroughly prepared using GIT’s unique cartridge disassembly and refurbishment system.
Cartridges are charged by specially-designed machines to ensure precise specifications that include detailed parameters on weight, toner and charge quality. We use toner that out-performs toner typically used in OEM cartridges to ensure that the laser drum achieves its full printing potential.
The cartridge sealing process is particularly vital to the quality of our finished product. As we invest heavily in our people, we ensure that this is done and thoroughly checked by our production staff using a GIT seal that is the equivalent to that used by OEM companies. This means that there is no chance of leakage and using the product is simplicity itself.
Following our assembly policy, our carefully-trained people understand that there is no room for doubt and that any new or existing component that does not fully meet our stringent criteria is immediately rejected and sent for recycling. This means that our GT premium products contain nearly four-fifths of new, top-quality replacement parts, whether it is the drum or any other component that needs to be changed.
GIT employs a system of post-assembly testing that exactly matches the standardised tests used throughout our industry to ensure that each and every GT premium cartridge that leaves our factory matches the quality level we specify in our literature, so customers will enjoy the best possible performance from our consumables. At GIT, this is not just a set of random tests that is often the case in the industry; it is rather a fully-comprehensive approach where every single cartridge is individually checked.
GIT’s environmental commitment is such that we use all or mostly recycled materials in the creation of our GT branded packaging. We implement a final series of checks, ensure that the cartridges are sealed in anti-static packaging, and insert information on the correct use of the product and the cartridge warranty.
We ensure that GT branded premium products arrive in the best possible condition and the shortest time possible. We do this by using courier delivery service that brings the product you have ordered directly to your home, or to your office. With our money-back guarantees, you should find that from start to finish, GIT delivers.