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Our managed print services are cost-effective and high-efficient solutions for your printing devices. Instead of looking at
printers, supplies, spares, service, and software separately, our MPS bundles all these products and services together.
You only pay for the pages printed per month rather than purchasing everything separately.

3000+ printers under management

23+ years of printing solutions experience

No huge investments in new printers

Pay only for what you use

No fixed minimum charges

Easy termination within 30 days’ notice and no penalties

We either fix the problem or provide you with a standby printer within 8 hours

65% market share for HP in the UAE, a token of stellar performance

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Guaranteed 50%+ Savings if You are Printing on HP MPS


HP by GIT (our plan)

Price of printer
AED 30,000
Price of annual Maintenance over 5 years (Inclusive of parts)
AED 15,000
Toner cost over contract duration of 5 years (Assumed 5000 pages per month)

AED 105,000

Total cost of printing over 5 years

AED 150,000

Savings with HP by GIT

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Speak to us and Evaluate your Savings with GIT

About Company

German Imaging Technologies (GIT) was founded in 1999 with new,a purpose-built premises in Dubai to produce toner cartridges for the Middle East and Africa.

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Guaranteed 50%+ Savings if You are Printing on HP MPS

The savings comes from no upfront CAPEX, a lower OPEX by 30%, and embedded service and parts warranty at no extra charge included in one bundle. When comparing the total cost of ownership (TCO) over 5 years (based on an average of 5,000 color prints p.m.) you will save guaranteed over 50% when compared to a new HP M880z operating on HP toner cartridges. If you wish to see the exact calculation, ask one of our consultants to share it with you. The minute you compare the savings with a smaller HP printer, your savings will actually increase to up to 70%. In the HP printer family, the smaller the printer, the higher the cost per page to print! So while you think you are saving on the printer purchase price, you are actually losing substantially over time on the cost per page to you! So switching to the right printer is the single most important determinator of your printing cost!

Our bundle is designed for corporate users where it is commercially always viable and delivering the desired results. The average corporate users prints at least 25,000 color pages and 25,000 mono pages per year. If you are and SME and printing less than 1,000 color and 5,000 monochrome pages per month, then this offer is not the right choice for you. If you are printing only black and white and no colors, then you should be printing 10,000 black pages or more per month for this offer to still save you a desirable amount of money. One mono page printed on this machine costs you only 0.02 AED versus 0.05 on most enterprise copiers and 0.10 to 0.15 on small HP printers! If you share with us your current printer model and the actual monthly print volumes, we will prepare a savings simulation for you.

The market rates for a new HP M880z vary between AED 25,000 and AED 30,000. Prices are very volatile and change at times by the week. A remanufactured HP M880 sells typically at 60% of the price of new, hence it ranges between AED 15,000 and AED 18,000.

Unless you chose to purchase the printer, no. Not with our Free Exchange Offer or MPS Rental Program. That is the beauty of our commercial proposal. We take away the CAPEX expenditure and allow you the use of the printer with no upfront payment for the printer.

It depends. With our Free Exchange Offer (you trade in your old printer against our HP M880z), you own the printer 100% from day one! If you don’t like our services, you can walk away anytime and keep the printer! This is the biggest advantage versus any leasing/rental proposal. The same applies if you chose to purchase the printer. If you opt for leasing/rental, you will not own the printer. GRENKE Leasing will own the printer. But if you wish to own the printer after 3 years, you can pay GRENKE a marginal residue amount and they will allow you to have the ownership.

Yes, it is correct, we are not charging anything for the printer upfront. To make it easier for our customers to afford such an expensive enterprise printer, we spread our earnings over five years of use. There is no catch, no hidden clause. Yes, at times one or the other customer walks away. But with over 98% retention rate on the M880z customers, we can absorb that 2% loss.

In our Free Exchange Program, we take your own printer as a trade-in and in return provide you with the HP M880z Enterprise MFP absolutely free of cost as explained above. This is the value you will be receiving in exchange of your old printer. If you sign up for our MPS proposal, we can obtain the commercial value of your old printer and discount the purchase price of your new printer. The value depends on brand, model, age, and number of pages printed.

No, you do not need to have any minimum spent any time with us, neither on our Free Exchange Bundle Offer nor on our MPS leasing/rental MPS packages. There are absolutely no ties. If you like our services, you can continue up to 5 years with our AMC offer to enjoy total peace of mind. If not, you can discontinue easily.

Everything on the printer except the paper and electricity. There are no exclusions unlike many other proposals you may see. Since the AMC covers the printer, generally speaking, software and IT settings are not included in any such packages. However, upon request, we cover the initial installation on your network, the configuration of your printer, and training on the usage of the printer. Installation and print preference settings on individual user PCs have to be done by your IT team, can however be offered as a paid service.

As said, everything is on us as long as you have your minimum spent and or purchased a service and warranty package. We will replace a printer that becomes irreparable or breaks down frequently, i.e. more than three times in a one month period.

The annual maintenance and warranty can be extended for a period of maximum 5 years post the date of deployment.

Our service and warranty bundle can be obtained for a maximum of 5 years only. After 5 year, we recommend to replace the printer. However, if you wish to keep your printer after five years, it is possible. Printers are similar to cars, instead of mileage we talk about total number of pages printed. An HP M880z is good for 1.5 million pages to 2 million printed pages. So if you have not used your printer too much and it is still in good condition, you always can opt for ad hoc service and pay for parts post five years

Your enterprise printer is equipped with four toner cartridges, Black, Cyan, Yellow, and Magenta, and four imaging drum units. The black toner cartridge has a yield of 29,500 pages. The cyan, yellow, and magenta cartridges have a yield of 32,000 pages. The imaging drum units have a yield of 30,000 pages. The yield of all toner cartridges is measured at an average page density of 5%. They all have a chip control unit on it that will show the number pages printed and at which density.

All toner cartridges and drum units manufactured by GIT enjoy a 24 months comprehensive warranty. So whichever package and option you chose, you are in safe hands! Your toners and drums are always covered, even if you opt out of the service and warranty package for your printer! Details can be found in our Terms and Conditions of Sales that you can find on our website:    

Easy answer. 4 hours is the maximum time to respond to a call, and 8 hours is our maximum time to have your printer up and running (during working days and working hours, Monday – Friday, 8:00 – to 17:00). We have a Brand Guarantee, which states: “Always be printing with GIT; If we can’t fix it in 8 hours, you will be printing for free on us!” In the rare cases that we can’t fix the printer in 8 hours and you do not have an alternative printer, we will send you free of cost a standby printer until the problem on your printer is fixed. Even if for any reasons, such as global shipping delays and similar supply chain disruptions, your particular toner models are not shipped on time, we shall provide you with an alternative printer at no extra charges until the problem is solved!

No. There is no obligation to buy a full set every time. There are four toner cartridges and four drum units, in total 8 different units that you need for printing. Depending on your usage, not all colors finish at the same time. You can purchase each unit individually, whenever you require a replenishment.

Neither nor. The printer is neither new nor refurbished; it is remanufactured.

The official definition of Remanufacturing is “the rebuilding of a product to specification of the original manufactured product using a combination of reused and repaired and new parts.” Parts subject to degradation affecting the performance or the expected life of the whole are replaced.  Remanufactured machines should match the same customer expectation as new machines. The critical difference to Refurbishing is, that a remanufactured product will have various components replaced on it, all to the new specification, while refurbished/repaired products only have the failed components replaced.

The short answer is yes. We measure the reliability rate of the toners which stands above 99% and we monitor a no-call back policy three months post each service to ensure uptime and deliver peace of mind of our customers. We currently have over 3,000 printers under management. The average maintenance calls we experience on the HP M880z are three calls per printer per year. The life span of an M880z, and with it it’s reliability, is not measured in years but rather pages printed. The printer is designed to print 1.5 million to 2 million pages. Our remanufactured printers have typically printed less than 300,000 pages, which adds to their reliability. Even if you print 10,000 pages a month, you are well below its nominal capacity after 5 years.

You are right. Printing is harmful to the environment. Each page printed (paper + energy) consume around 6 grams of CO2. However, reality and legal reasons require us to still print. Hence, we say, if you have to print, print responsibly with GIT. Both the machine and toners are remanufactured. Because of that they deliver solid waste savings of 350 kg and 1700 kg of CO2 reduction over their average life span of five years. This means 250,000 pages over 5 years consume 1,500 kg of CO2 which you are offsetting with 1,700 kg of CO2 savings, hence you not only become carbon neutral, but actually carbon positive! In addition, we plant 2 pages for each page printed on our solutions! In 2023 alone we have already planted 150,000 trees, equivalent amount of wood to 1.5 billion printed pages!

Index of calculations: (All calculations for a period of 5 years)

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